While the perks seem generous and useful, it’s hard to know how much they’re worth unless you’re taking advantage of them. Here’s how I justified the expense and measured the value I got from it that first year.


Summary About Fees

For my family’s fall vacation, we planned to go to Arizona and the Grand Canyon for a week before heading to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We decided to use our free nights rewards for a free night at the Hilton Sedona Bell Rock and Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. As each resort charged about $250 a night during our get-togethers, we received the equivalent of $500 straight away.

Aspire Credit Card Fees In accordance with your general agreement with the cardholder, the Aspire card fees are substantial. Expect annual costs of $49 to $175 for the first year, after which annual fees range from $0 to $49. It’s not entirely clear what causes this wide range; However, I assume this is due to the credibility of the cardholder. Plus an annual maintenance fee of $60 and $159 billed monthly from $5 to $12.50 after the first year. If you purchase an additional card for authorized use of your card, you will pay the equivalent of US$25 per year.

Request credit limit increase

Unfortunately, the Aspire Credit Card The Aspire Credit Card does not accept credit requests. The Cardholder Agreement.

However, you reserve the right to increase or decrease your credit limit, so it is possible to change it once established. It is not possible to ask them to increase the limit, but they can choose to do so themselves.